ABC Nightline Looks At The Surprising Yet Swift Decline In Apple Stock [Video]


Apple stock has reached its lowest point in five months.
Apple stock has reached its lowest point in five months.

Despite launching the fastest-selling iPhone to date just over a month ago, in addition to a new iPad mini that’s sure to be a big hit this Christmas, Apple is suffering from a surprising yet swift decline in stock value. Just weeks after reaching a $705 high, it now sits at its lowest price in over five months.

Many will dismiss the decline as a rare dip, confident that Apple will bounce back bigger and stronger than before. But others are questioning its ability to do so with ever increasing competition from its rivals. ABC Nightline asks whether Apple has “lost its shine.”

ABC makes some very good points. Apple has suffered the uncharacteristically bad launch of Maps in iOS 6 recently, and it now has bigger competition than ever before — particularly from the likes of Samsung and Google.

Others would also note that the company is no longer innovating in the same way, and that it’s choosing to play it safe when it comes to new products as opposed to daring to try something new.

However, Apple’s iPhone 5 is still selling like hot cakes, the company is taking off in China at a rapid pace, and the iPad mini — starting at $329 — is sure to be a smash-hit this Christmas. This is sure to help Apple dig itself out of the five-month low.

Via: Fortune

  • MrsCleaver

    Naysayers always abound, especially around the Apple brand. They’ve always been there, since the first Apple computer rolled out of Steve’s garage. “It don’t mean a thing.”

    Human nature, unfortunately means we want to bash whatever and whoever becomes successful. Not that competition doesn’t have effects on Apple, as it does on anyone and anything in this world. But Apple will be just fine. I trust in Steve’s vision, and his choices for those to succeed him.

  • IronChad

    The coming increase in dividend taxes is putting downward pressure on the price of dividend stocks.

  • weecamscott

    Stock don’t make a Company . Stock holders don’t Owen a company . Stock Holders are MoneyGrabbers . A company like apple is no here to pleas the stock holders . Apple can’t change the computer Every year . Apple stock is going down to what the company is Worth and it will levill off .

  • nolavabo

    In dollar terms, AAPL is the most traded stock in the world. But more importantly, options on those stocks are also the most traded in the world (in dollar terms). With weekly stocks being traded on only a handful of stocks, AAPL is the go to symbol for weekly options shenanigans.

    A stock that (deservedly) inches up a dime or quarter every day in a smooth straight line makes money only for the stockholders. A stock that rises and falls manically, and languishes at its lows for months in a row before shooting back up to its real worth again makes HUGE money for options traders. Guess which pattern AAPL follows?

  • dcdevito

    The ship is sinking…faster every day

  • flitzy

    The ship is sinking…faster every day

    The only thing that’s sinking is the SS Troll, which you seem to pilot.