Awesome Calendar App Fantastical Is Coming To Your iPhone


I'm looking forward to this.
I'm looking forward to this.
  • Josh Yates

    WOW…I LOVE Fantistical on my Mac…that just may cause me to leave the Pocket Informant camp! Depends on how basic it becomes and if they will release an iPad version as well.

  • robraden

    Fantastical is an expensive Mac menubar app, but it’s totally worth it. I LOVE how they built reminders into Fantastical, and scrolling back in time is lightning fast. Love it! Fantastical isn’t perfect, but it’s easily the best thing out there, and if their iOS app is anything like it, I’ll be among the first to buy it. I can’t believe the Agenda app doesn’t show anything from before 2011!!! And Calvetica grays out everything from before the current month, making it harder to view previous months. Talk about poor design choices.