New Apple Job Listing Hints At iWork Editing In The Cloud


iWork could be coming to your web browser.
iWork could be coming to your web browser.

Apple may be looking to bring iWork document editing to the cloud as it hunts for an iWork Software QA Engineer with a new job listing on its website. Based at Apple’s Cupertino campus, the successful candidate will work on “the next generation of Desktop, Mobile and Web application/services.”

The most interesting part about the job description is of course the last bit: “Web application/services.” It suggests Apple may be working to bring iWork to the cloud, which could allow users to create and edit Pages, Numbers, and Keynote documents in their web browser.

iWork is already a part of iCloud, but its cloud-based functionality is extremely limited at this point. Users can sync their iWork documents between their Mac and iOS devices, but the only thing they can do in a web browser is view those documents. Allowing browser-based editing would Apple’s iWork package to complete with similar services like Office 365 from Microsoft, and Google Docs.

Other Apple apps have already made their way up into the cloud. Earlier this year, Apple launched web-based versions of Notes and Reminders, allowing iCloud users to access these apps from any web browser when they’re away from their devices.

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  • CharilaosMulder

    Please, think about the principles. The web is great when using it the right way. That’s about anything except browser based applications. They always suck compared to native applications: the interface consistency, usability, the speed, reliability and aesthetics.
    If I’m on some computer other than mine I can access my documents through, which is great. Those computers always have some office suite. The only thing really missing is document previews on And the fact that sometimes I only have the option to download as Pages document (Word and PDF being greyed out. Why, anyone?)

  • flitzy

    You mean.. again? ;)

    I used all the time and was saddened when it went away!