24 Hours With iPad Mini: Our First Impressions On A Special Edition CultCast



Gorgeous body; super slim profile; al-lu-minium backside; yes, we’ve been fondling Apple’s new iPad mini for hours and hours now, and on our just-recorded special edition CultCast, we report what we like, what we don’t, and our overall first impressions of Apple’s brand new much-hyped tiny tab.

But we also had to ask the question: without a retina display, is the iPad mini a worthy replacement for its larger, retina-pixeled brother?

We cover all that and more this special edition CultCast! Subscribe now on iTunes, or easily stream new and previous episodes via Apple’s free Podcasts App.

  • poppa1138

    will the iPad mini 2 have the retina display?

  • Zod Buster

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.. Finally an honest evaluation with humour….
    You guys have reinstated my faith in some apple users…

  • lukchat67

    just my personal opinion: if ipad 4 will evolve to become a surface-liked work horse to differentiate it from mini, i think the ipad mini will likely to get a retina screen soon. If both are to exist in the same pool, most likely mini will remain as it is as a lower end ipad…

  • ChadGleaves

    I think Apple was planning on releasing the Retina in march 2013 so apple knew they could sell 10,000,000 of these the ipad mini this christmas season. Why miss a billion dollars!

  • WHanley247

    I have been using iPad Mini for 1 days. This is the iPad I always needed. I use as a medical reference, show patients anatomy and discharge instructions read news and surf the net. This size is perfect. fits in my lab coat easy to use all day. I don’t Need a retina display if it sacrifices battery life. Perfect fit, pricey but when you have already invested close to 1K in music and apps / medical reference nice to turn on sync and it all works

  • Alexander530

    Went to the Apple Store yesterday to check it out. Its selling point are its compact size and lightness. Although I personally prefer my iPad3’s screen size, after holding the iPad mini, how I wished my iPad3 was as light. The iPad mini’s display is also noticeably poor compared to the iPad3, although not terrible as some reviewers have exaggerated it to be. It’s also noticeably slower compared to the iPad3. iPad2 owners wouldn’t see a difference in speed, while it is definitely snappier than the iPad1. With that said, the iPad mini is a good upgrade for iPad1 owners who wouldn’t mind its smaller screen, or those iPad2 owners who prefer a smaller tablet. iPad3 owners wouldn’t be happy with the iPad mini’s display and performance unless they really prefer a smaller and lighter device and are willing to sacrifice the iPad3’s better display and performance. Although the next iPad mini with better specs would definitely give current iPad3 users some thinking. But then, Apple will for sure give the next bigger iPad substantially better specs than the next iPad mini.

  • Stuka_UK

    I’m not going to listen to the podcast, because I have already been to the Apple store today and played with the iPad mini, so I already have my own conclusions……. I am an iPad 2 and 3 owner and I believe the mini is perfectly good in all respects (including reasonable comparisons with 3), and is a very desirable piece of kit……. If they had had any in stock I may well have bought the entry-level model to supplement my iPhone and iPads.

  • Bob Smogango

    Here’s my take. I don’t have any inside information of any kind, but I THINK I know why they released this model and not a Retina version first. Apple has a variety of Corporate, Government and Educational accounts. They PROBABLY field information as to what certain requirements fit the bill for large sales of this sized product. In order to satisfy these big accounts, they had certain restraints. Like ALL Apple products. The first rev is more like the introduction to the product category, they don’t go balls out when they are still unsure of how the market is going to react. Since Apple is developing the more established iPad 4, that’s seen as their flagship product to get the ideas for pushing the envelope, so to speak. If there is enough demand, technically feasible with suitable pricing model, and they can STILL make the thing thin, light, and with good battery life, they could come out with the more advanced version within a potential 6 12 month time frame, IF they can and need to. Then this product, after it has recouped the initial R&D/Tooling, etc. then they can potentially drop the price to make way for the better version and then have two offerings for that size as they do with the iPad.

    I saw the product and thought for a first round it was good enough were I can see potential customers for it. I just got an iPad 4 and love it, so I have already chosen the bigger model with the fast processor and Retina display, but if I had extra money, the iPad mini might be something I would use strictly for the car if I could figure out how to connect and use both an iPad mini and an iPhone. The iPad mini for GPS and music and the iPhone as a phone. NO, I am not crazy, I like the screen size of the iPad mini for GPS and I have had ZERO problems with Apple Maps and prefer to use that over anyone else’s Maps until I see an actual better one.

  • Vicente

    Have had my Mini for a few days now.

    MY observations:
    1) Definitely charges faster off a larger brick
    +10% in 24 minutes on 5W brick
    +17% in 24 minutes on 10W brick
    2) Screen is good enough for intended use
    3) Found I had to go to Accessibility and increase font size for 40+y.o. eyes
    4) WiFi unit is perfectly fine since I can mobileshare over BT4.0 when travelling
    5) This is the perfect “travelsize” unit, mine will be in Otterbox Defender
    6) Were I in the car a LOT I’d want the unit with GPS for navigation, but I’m not.

    So I end up with a mini for travel+kids, and an iPad4 for lounging around the house for myself. Perfect!

  • SantaRamsey

    Love my job, since I’ve been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I’m making it online(Click on menu Home)