Evernote 5 Beta For Mac Launches


Evernote 5 beta, which was teased last week, has been launched to great success. In fact, it has been so popular that Evernote has had to shut down the option for Mac App Store customers to use it. Why?

This is due to large numbers of users re-syncing their entire accounts as part of the transition from a Mac App Store download to a direct downloaded version of Evernote

Still, if you use the non App Store version, or you got in early, then you can enjoy the great new interface of what was a rather clunky app. The newly-designed sidebar lets you hop between notebooks, tags, notes and “atlas,” a great new way to browse geotagged notes.

You can also drag notes, tags and whole notebooks over into this sidebar to use as shortcuts.

The interface has also gotten a big overhaul, and now lets you see the thumbnails of your notes alongside a pane showing the currently-selected note. This works very well in full-screen view on a MacBook.

I’m not a great Evernote user, although I do have a pro subscription just to get offline notebooks on my iDevices. And the reason for my non-use is the ugly interfaces across the board. Hopefully the improvements to the Mac version will soon come to the iPad, and then I can really start scrapbooking!

Source: Evernote Blog

  • brackintosh

    Does the beta do anything to enable security? That’s the one thing that has kept me from using Evernote. If they would provide a way to secure all types of documents, I would drop Yojimbo in a heartbeat.