New Doxie One Scanner Comes With Lower Pricetag But No Batteries


image: Apparent

We’ve mentioned Apparent’s Doxie Go portable document scanner a few times in the past. The flexible, battery-powered scanner is a trusty tool for any mobile professional; anything fed into its maw can be turned into 300 dpi images on a Mac, iPad, the cloud — or Doxie can simply keep the scanned images for later download.

The new Doxie One, unveiled today, comes without the $200 Doxie Go’s rechargeable lithium battery — but at $150, it’s also considerably cheaper.

Unfortunately, that’s not the only thing missing about the One (anyone’s memory jogged back ten years to the Matrix movies whe they read that?). It also lacks an internal memory, which means you’ll need an SD card in order to scan if you’re not hooked up to either a Mac or iPad.

On the other hand, many of the One’s shortcomings seem easy enough to deal with: It ships with an SD card; you can hook it up to your iPad via the 30-pin or Lightning connector via a $29 accessory (available from Apparent); and if you really need to run the One away from an outlet, it’ll run on AAA batteries. So really, what’s missing? Well, it also maxes out at 300 dpi, where the Go can scan all the way up to 600 dpi. But unless that shouldn’t be an issue for most of the tasks the Doxie was designed around.

The Doxie One ships November 29.