Check Any iPhone’s Unlock Status With This Handy Website [iOS Tips]


IMEI Info iPhone 5

Wondering whether that iPhone you plan on buying off of craigslist is truly unlocked like it says in the ad? Want to make sure that your iPhone is able to switch carriers after a legitimate unlock from your current carrier? Grab your iPhone and open a new web browser window; we’re going to show you how to find out.

First up, you’ll need to get your iPhone’s IMEI number. Launch your Settings App, and tap on General. Then tap on About, and scroll down to where it shows your 16 digit IMEI number. You can also dial *#06# on your iPhone or any other mobile device to get your number.

Next, head over to and type your IMEI number in there, all 16 digits, without any spaces or dashes. Then click on the CHECK button. You’ll get a page similar to the screenshot above, with information about your iPhone: Model, Brand, Design, Memory, etc.

Scroll down a bit further, and click on the Free simlock status check button there, so you won’t have to log in with Facebook or anything. The resulting web page will tell you whether your iPhone is locked or unlocked as well as the expiration date of your current Warranty. Pretty cool, huh?

Now you can be sure that any seller of an unlocked phone is telling the truth: simply ask them for the device IMEI, or–better yet–get it from the device yourself and plug it into this handy website.

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14 responses to “Check Any iPhone’s Unlock Status With This Handy Website [iOS Tips]”

  1. lpk says:

    Except that it doesnt work. I bought an AT&T no-contract iPhone on launch day. Popped my shaved/cut T-mobile micro-to-nano sim in, turned it on, and got the “congratulations your phone is unlocked” message. apparently doesnt recognize that, as it says the phone with my IMEI is still locked.
    It doesnt really matter to me, but dont use this as your ONLY source to see if it works or not. Cut and shave your sim card and pop it in the phone you want to buy before you hand over the money.

  2. wxman2003 says:

    Doesn’t work. I have Verizon iPhone 5 and they are all unlocked. This site says my phone is locked.

  3. Bryan Leonard says:

    Have an iPhone 5 Verizon, which should be unlocked according to Verizon’s CEO, but claims it’s SIMLOCKED. Will have to check my old iPhone 4 that I had AT&T unlock.

  4. YarikGo says:

    Doesn’t work i have a 16G simfree and it writes that its a 32G locked…. lol :-D

  5. wxman2003 says:

    That site is just a scam site trying to get people to pay for unlocks. It says every phone is locked. A little more research by Cult of Mac would have discovered this.

  6. tf2012 says:

    Doesn’t work. Sprint 64GB unlocked comes back as 32GB, Locked, GSM!

  7. rondini says:

    worked for me. Bought mine unlocked direct from Apple store.

  8. planetOGLE says:

    This sort of works – I have a white iPhone 5 64GB, however this says it is 32 GB. It says it is unlocked, which I believe is true, but it says my warranty is until 24.12.2012, which is impossible because I bought it the Tuesday after launch….

  9. leetut says:

    Strange my imei in settings general about is only 15 digits?

  10. MrSarcy says:

    Doesn’t work. Much like this comments system on an iPad by the way.

  11. hanhothi says:

    I get “False” for my iPhone. WTF?

  12. Forsberg says:

    It really didn’t say anything.
    Sim status: false
    Warranty to: false

    Maybe it’s because it’s a swedish bought phone.

  13. SoyDeMoca says:

    Factory Unlock your iPhone 3Gs 4 4S 5 for Just $4.75 At

  14. letunlockiphone says:

    I’d also use free network checker – all you have do do is to create account

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