5th Avenue iPad Mini Launch Likely To Be Subdued Due To Hurricane Sandy



Apple is going to sell a holy-crap-ton of iPad minis at Apple Stores everywhere tomorrow, except in New York City. After getting ravaged by hurricane Sandy, NYC is still trying to recover from the damage the storm has inflicted on them, and many people won’t be able to make it to the Apple Store for the launch.

The damage from hurricane Sandy will probably mean that the iPad mini launch at the 5th Avenue Apple Store will be much more subdued than past launches. 

An iPad mini should be the least of anyone’s concerns in New York right now, with power still being out below 34th Street and limited public transportation.

Some subway service was turned on today, but there is still no direct subway trains to Manhattan from Brooklyn and Queens, no PATH service from New Jersey and no Staten Island ferry.

Three of the four commuter tunnels into Manhattan are full of water. Traffic congestion has never been higher – thanks to public transportation being down – making it nearly impossible to get anywhere in New York in a timely manner, especially the 5th Avenue Apple Store.

Source: Fortune