Make-A Your iPhone 5 Look-A Like A Leica



The iPhone 5 is the best camera Apple has ever made (OK, maybe the second-best), so why not dress it like one of the best film cameras ever made?

That’s just what PetaPixel’s Leica skin will do, turning your long, thin iPhone into a long, thin fake rangefinder.

The skin adds negligible thickness or weight to the iPhone, whilst still protecting the back from scratches and nicks. It seems odd to be protecting the rear of a $600 phone with the facsimile of a $6,000+ camera. It’s like keeping a stack of old coins and keys inside a box made from six iPod Nanos (old shape, so the squares will tesselate). With the screens facing inwards.

Anyhow, should you be so desperate for iPhone 5 accessories (I am — even our local Apple Store doesn’t have anything for it yet except a screen protector) that you would skin it to look like a Leica lookalike, then this case will cost a mere $6. It even comes with stickers for the iPhone’s forehead and chin.

Via: PetaPixel

Source: PetaPixel Store

  • akshay1188
  • CharilaosMulder

    Great idea, horrible looks.

  • TheKnightWhoSaysNi

    Unfortunately, when the “Leica” is in its upright position the shutter (volume up) button is on the bottom of the phone. They made the sticker upside down.