Speeches App Keeps Public Speakers On Track



I give great, fluid, professional-appearing speeches. Put me up in front of a crowd and I’ll crow on all day log, with nary a stammer nor a hesitation. The problem? I have nothing to say.

Other people actually have interesting information to convey, and yet they’re scared stiff of public speaking. Speeches app is here to help. It won’t boost your confidence, but it will help you to remember what you’re supposed to be talking about.

The app is dead simple. You import your speeches as text files from Mail, or just write them right there in the app. You can edit and re-order sections, and view them as cue cards. There’s even a timer so you can practice your pacing.

Then, at the presentation/wedding/Apple keynote you fire up the app and either crib from your notes or read direct from a prepared text.

Navigation is a simple swipe to move between cards, and a there’s a very neat way to make sure you’re on target, time-wise: A timer bar runs along the bottom of the screen, and next to it is a progress bar showing how far through your cards you have gotten. If the two match up, you’re on schedule.

The app costs $9, and is availablenow

Source: Speeches iPhone App

  • TomInTheDesert

    I don’t see this in the iTunes Store and a Google search doesn’t show such a product on the first page of results.

    What gives?

  • Manuhk

    Same here, a search of the itunes store leads nowhere, as does the link posted here, there is no such app. Maybe next time you recommend an app that actually exists!

  • drewmccormack

    Apple’s App Store search is pretty diabolical. To find the app, go to

  • MarcWilson73

    An iPad mini version of this would be excellent.