Control The Mac Version Of Chopper 2 With A Free iPhone App [OS X Tips]


Remote Control Chopper 2 With An iPhone or iPod touch.

In keeping with the “connect other controllers to play Mac games” theme this week, I thought it’d be fun to look at a Mac game that can use an iPhone as an external controller.

Chopper 2 is available as a Mac game for $4.99 in the Mac App Store. It has 36 missions across 12 unique location maps and uses a gorgeous 3D game engine to recreate the classic side scrolling joy of the original Chopper game.

Here’s the app store description:

Escort a convoy of vehicles across the desert, or defend a train from enemies emerging from underground mines. Use your laser sight to line up enemies emerging from stairwells in the city. Chase down lines of enemy tanks and choppers while avoiding heat seeking missiles, gunfire and bird strike. Help your allies defend against advancing armies, and rescue stranded civilians, all while trying to complete your mission as fast as possible for the highest score.

Now, if you have an iPhone or iPod touch, you can use it to control the Mac version of Chopper 2 via WiFi.

First, you’ll need a copy of Chopper 2 for the Mac. Download it and install it on your Mac. Then head to the iTunes App Store, and download the free Chopper 2 Wireless Controller app to install it on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Launch Chopper 2 on the Mac, and then click Options, then Controls. Click on Remote, and then the Start Remote Control button. Then, launch the Chopper 2 Wireless Controller on your iPhone or iPod touch, and click on Control Mac.

Your iPhone will say Connected when it’s ready to go, and you can now click Done on the Mac game. Note that you’ll need to keep Chopper 2 in the foreground on your Mac, or your iOS device will lose connection. You can always get it back, though, by bringing the Mac game to the front again.

In the iOS app, tap on the Remote Options in the upper right corner of the screen. You can change the controls from Tilt to Touch, depending on your preference, invert the Y axis if you want, and change the tilt sensitivity. Once all that’s done, you can go ahead and start the game on the Mac, and then control it with the iPhone or iPod touch. It’s a slick way to play the game, and seems like a better control scheme than the default keyboard setup.

Source: iTunes App Store
Via: Mac App Store