14 responses to “Inside Steve’s Brain, New York Times Best Seller”

  1. Lovro says:

    It is deserved. This book is great because it is not pro or cons its just fascinating. Congratulations from Croatia.

  2. Mac User says:


    As a recent Mac switcher, the most confusing part of the experience was trying to understand the Mac user “mentality”. Inside Steve’s Brain and Cult of Mac helped shed a lot of light on the “Cult” mentality for me, thanks for writing them.

  3. leigh says:

    That’s outstanding Leander.


  4. Christian Messer says:

    CONGRATS Leander! That’s a great accomplishment! I’m looking forward to reading my copy soon.

  5. David says:

    I purchased your book a week ago and finished it within 4 days. Although some of your points were repetitive and some stories seemed to be pasted together with no logical transition, you had key insights that I enjoyed reading. Good job.

  6. Camperton says:

    I enjoyed it very much!

  7. Joakim says:

    It just struck me that Apple and Steve Jobs probably belong to a small group of American companies and businessmen that help keep the US economy pushing ahead, despite a low self esteem and troubles bubbles everywhere.

    The sheer anticipation of what Steve will pull out of his sleeve is enough to keep writers writing, papers selling, Wall Street gawking and Mac fans everywhere barking.

    Yes, I attribute everything good to that lil’ fruit pushi’ company up in Silly Valley.