Google Search App Update Brings Better Voice Support To iOS



Google is still the champion when it comes to search, but their iOS app has lacked a lot of the neat features that you can use on Android. A big update to the Google Search app has fixed all that though and brought improved voice search capabilities to iOS.

The update is pretty significant for iPhone 5 users and can be downloaded free via the App Store. The biggest update to the app is that users can now can use natural language to control Google Search as well as listen to Google Search dictate the results of your query back to you.

Here’s the official release notes on the update:

“Updated for the iPhone 5
Improved Voice Search
✓ Simply say what you want and get results without typing.
✓ Faster and significantly improved voice recognition with text streamed on the fly.
✓ Get answers spoken directly back to you with web results tailored to your questions.”

Google Search now functions in a similar way to Siri. You can ask questions like “What’s the weather like in San Francisco” and the app will pull up Google’s weather page for San Francisco.

To learn more about the types of questions you can ask Google Search just head over to the Google Search support site.


  • Timothy Williamson

    It is really good…the voice recognition seems better than Siri. The downfall is that it’s not as integrated into the iPhone services (a request for driving directions throws you into Safari and Google Maps online).

  • dcdevito

    Siri just got replaced.hahahaha

  • MWinNYC

    Far better than Siri for voice recognition, and much, much faster. It’s really impressive how fast it really is. Voice will also take you directly to Google maps- no need to put it on your home screen anymore. Nice to have maps with NYC subway schedules and directions again! And, maneuvering the maps on iPad is just like it was with the old app. I don’t care if Google produces another app. Everything I need is here with Google Search.