Perfectly Clear Photo-Fixing App, Now With Purple Haze Removal And iPad-Native Version



Purple Haze, is in my brain… Ah, sorry. Just singing a little Hendrix there. But — completely coincidentally — this next app brings purple haze correction to the iPhone. If you want to listen to Jimi Hendrix songs as if played on an un-amplified classical guitar, then this may be the app for you.

Just kidding. Perfectly Clear’s new update is for photos, and photos only. V3.0 of the popular image-correction app not only adds a startlingly effective correction for the iPhone’s purple-tinged lens flare, but also adds support for the iPad. Yup, Perfectly Clear is now a Universal app.

The $3 app also gets noise removal and a new “beautify” setting, along with tweaks for exposure, white-balance, vibrance and other oft-encountered problems.

The interface has be redesigned for the iPhone, and plays nice with the iPhone 5’s long screen, but is still pretty confusing and peppered with ugly Windows-esque icons. Still, the effects are great and, uh, effective, which is what counts here.

As a quick-fix for your photos, Perfectly Clear is a great way to spend $3, although there are certainly sleeker and prettier apps out there.

Source: App Store

Via: iPhoneography