Just Mobile Alurack: Now Your MacBook Can (Literally) Hang Out With Your iMac



Just Mobile’s new Alurack is a clever solution to the question “Where do I put my stupid MacBook while I’m using it with an external monitor?”

The Alurack’s answer is “Hang it,” either from the back of a Cinema Display or from your iMac.

The aluminum Alurack screws onto the the hole (it comes in two parts) in the monitor’s leg meant for passing cables through. It leaves space for these cables, and adds a little lipped ledge on which to stow your MacBook. It works with any MacBook and any iMac or Cinema Display.

I like this quite a lot, and it’s especially good if you use a Thunderbolt display, as you only need to hook up power and data cables and you have access to everything that’s connected to the monitor.

The Alurack will cost your $60, or you could save $10 and lose a little desk space by opting for Just Mobile’s other new product, the taco-shell shaped Alubase.

Source: Just Mobile