Pandora Radio For iOS Hits Version 4, Adds New Social, Music Info Features


Pandora Update

Pandora, that grandaddy of internet radio, just got a huge update on iOS, and is coming soon to Android. The new version includes the ability to share your music listening with friends on the Pandora service, Facebook, and Twitter, a feature I was surprised wasn’t already there. In addition, you can follow other folks on the new Music Feed, much like Spotify and Rdio allow. There’s a new Profile page accessed right in-app, more information about music and the artists themselves as well, a la Last FM, and full lyrics for every song that can be played on the service.

There is a temporary issue for iPad owners: Pandora is a universal app, able to be used on both iPhone and iPod touch form devices as well as iPads. If you’re using an iPad with iOS 6, you won’t be able to use the app in landscape mode. No problem, though, as it still works just fine–it just won’t re-orient to landscape when you turn your iPad sideways. Music keeps playing, the app itself is still visible, just in portrait orientation. It’s like you have the orientation locked.

I’m also not seeing the share, Feed, or Profile buttons in the iPad version, but only in the iPhone version. So it ultimately looks like the iPhone version has been fully updated to the new system, while the iPad version has not. We’ll keep you posted when we see a more comprehensive update on the iPad.

The new features, from the iTunes page:

• Share your latest discoveries with friends on Pandora, Facebook, and Twitter
• Discover new music by following others on the Music Feed
• Re-discover your favorite music on your profile page
• Explore the artists and music you love directly on your device
• Full lyrics for the songs we play
• Artist biographies and discographies
• Detailed track features from the Music Genome Project
• Find even more music you’ll love by adding variety to your stations
• Enjoy constantly updated and expertly curated genre stations

… and other great updates:

• Timer added to the track progress indicator – drag the player controls up to reveal the timer
• Support for the taller iPhone 5 screen
• Support for new BMW vehicles with the “BMW Apps” option, see for more details
• Numerous stability and performance enhancements

Source: iTunes App Store
Via: 148Apps