Apple Has Already Removed Forstall And Browett’s Executive Profiles From




The announcement that John Browett and Scott Forstall are leaving Apple by the end of the year just hit the Internet a few hours ago, but Apple has wasted no time updating their website to reflect the changes. On the “Executive Profiles” page of the profiles for both Forstall and Browett have already been removed.

Most of Scott Forstall’s duties as Senior Vice President of iPhone Software have been divvied up among other Apple VPs. Apple is currently looking for a suitable replacement to takeover John Browett’s roles as the Senior Vice President of Retail Operations.


  • al friede

    i’ve always hated forstall, so if this is legit i’m completely stocked b/c he’s always come off at the ultimate douche bag!

  • dcdevito

    I told you all this would happen and got banned.

    Truth hurts doesn’t it?

  • technomatrix

    could anyone explain to me why they are all white?