Mu-Mu Cases Wrap iPhone 5 In Gorgeously-Crafted Wood



These gorgeous wooden iPhone 5 cases come from the U.K, and look like they’d cost you an absolute fortune. Amazingly, for something hand-crafted and exquisitely designed, they cost just £35, or $56. Sure, it ain’t cheap, but neither is it crazy.

The cases, previously available for the iPhone 4, have been elongated and slimmed down for your new iPhone’s pleasure. The case comes in two parts which — surprise! — slide together to enclose the rear and sides of the phone within. The case is made from laminated hardwood (plywood) for strength (and beauty, if you’re into plywood, which I most certainly am), and comes with little padded nodules within to cushion against impact and prevent scratches.

The case is designed to stay on all the time, and thus has cutouts for everything — all ports, buttons and cameras can enjoy the fresh air with it still in place. And there’s even a ridge surrounding the screen so you can lay it face-down without worrying. Unless you are laying it down really, really hard onto a bed of gravel, that is.

The price is a reasonable-in-the-UK £35, as I mentioned. This sucks for anyone stateside, but is sweet payback for the fact that the iPhone costs like $200 more in the UK and Europe that it does in its home territory.

Source: projectmumu

  • iMobileRescue

    They are pretty sweet actually. The wooden like, eh, we don’t like that so much but! It’s clean, looks perfectly fitting, and probably would rock.