Just How Light Is The iPhone 5? Take A Look At This Photo



The new iPhone 5 is light. How light? Well, this picture tells it best. I weighed and snapped three photos of the iDevices readily available in my apartment, and you can see that the iPhone 5 is almost as light as an iPod Touch.

At center you see the previous generation iPod Touch (32GB and 101 grams), the one you can still buy in Apple Stores. At left is the previous-gen-before-that Touch, weighing in at a portly 106 grams. And amazingly, the iPhone 5 tips the scales (literally, in this case) at just 111 grams. That’s a mere 10% heavier than the iPod, a difference which in the hand is barely noticable.

In fact, because the new iPhone is slightly taller and a whisker thicker, it actually seems lighter in the hand than the touch, which is denser. That’s pretty amazing.

And the iPhone 4S? I don’t have one to drop on my scale, but the official weight is 140 grams. That’s about five pounds or something

  • nolavabo

    I assume that you meant 5 ounces and not 5 pounds.

  • 919263

    Apples to Oranges…..

  • Seth Murphine

    This experiment is a fail for science… and you should be ashamed. This is equivalent to saying the male human being is lighter then last years, then to show proof taking a picture of a 6’1″ male and showing the weight comparisons of two other females that average a height of 5’4″… your experiment is bad and you should feel bad too.

  • Alejandro Montelongo

    people relax! this is not a scientific experiment, it’s just a comparison of iOS devices he owns, not every single one. I’m waiting to see the comment saying “oh, your sample size is too small, you need to get the probabilistic distribution of all the iphones 5, 4s, 3S, 3 and 2, plus the ipod touches, run an ANOVA test to see whether there is any significant difference between the masses of all of them AND show the p value for all of your planned orthogonal comparisons “… Sigh!

    P.S. The “5 pound” comment is a JOKE, implying the iphone 4S FEELS too heavy when picked up