Get The Best Thing Bill Gates Ever Made For Free [Daily Freebie]



Ah, the ’80s — back when a Tab was something to drink, not deride, and Members Only wasn’t exactly an exclusive club. Reliving (or living, for those born after 1979) those days is as easy as tracking down a six-pack of Tab on the Internet, or purchasing this purple number.

Those who’d rather not deal with their friends’ hysterical laughter or horribly wilted taste buds can simply download a faithful recreation of DONKEY.BAS, probably the best thing Bill Gates ever made, onto their iPad or iPhone.

It doesn’t have “gorgeous 3D graphics” and you can’t play against people on the Internet. But hey,  it’ll have you humming Men At Work songs — and it’s got zombies.

The app is back to a buck midday tomorrow.

  • SparkyTheDog

    Didn’t Bill Gates get arrested for a traffic violation?
    I remember seeing a mugshot of him.

  • bondr006

    Why do you people disrespect and hate on an accomplished man like Bill Gates? Can any of you claim even a small fraction of his accomplishments? Have any of you given anything to this world to make it a better place to live? Not only has Bill Gates attained to the wealthiest man in the world through his accomplishments, but he is sharing his wealth with the world to make it a better place. I know you people are bored and miserable and deluded into thinking you live in a perfect little Apple world, but you just need to find something better to do than hate on Microsoft and Bill Gates.

    Steve Balmer is OK to hate. Google is OK to hate. Samsung is OK to hate. Until you can hold a candle to what Bill Gates has done….You are nothing but pathetic posers that need to STFU and get a life.

  • Andrew Newsome

    Yeh you guys are allowed to post about Apple without having to hate every other company.

  • MrSarcy

    Well I tried to play but it said my serial number was already in use, then it needed a DLL or something like that, then it needed a number of patches, then it ran for a second, crashed and showed me a blue screen with white letters. I called Microsoft but they charge for support, apparently. But hey… it was cheap.