Snapfish App Now Lets You Have Prints From Your iPhone in About an Hour



I’ve seen some amazing photos shot with the increasingly advanced photo hardware (and software) packed into the iPhone, and now the iPad. And while swiping through the images is fun, sometimes you want physical prints. An update to the free Snapfish app lets you have those prints by letting you send images from your iPhone to the closest Walmart, Walgreens, or if you’re in New York, Duane Reade — and they’ll be printed in about an hour.

The app requires you upload the images you want to print to your Snapfish account first. You can then select the images you want to print (or print the entire album), choose the print size and select the closest shop to you from a list the app generates based off your location. You can also print from friends’ albums, if they’ve shared them with you. Pretty cool, and quick; I only wish they’d have an option to print matte instead of glossy.