Hyperscope, The High-Tech Low-Fi Can Camera


The Hyperscope: Even the name is awseome.

This amazing chunk of technology is – unbelievably – home made. It’s a camera, it is milled Apple-style from a single block of aluminum, and it’s called the Hyperscope. What’s not to love?

Biult by the very able Matt Abelson, the Hyperscope is a “can camera,” a pinhole camera built into an old beer can or similar, only it is clearly way more complicated than an actual beer can with a hole in the side.


If anything, the inside is even more impressive.

The point of the camera is to wrap the film into a curved shape to capture weird-looking, ultra-wide-angle pictures. But rather than just stuff in a roll of film in a darkened room, Matt made a beautiful precision instrument, complete with internal winder to advance the film.

The Hyperscope snaps just four pictures using a roll of 120 medium format film, and these images measure 6x17cm. That’s 6.7 inches just for the negative.

Head over to Matt’s Flickr to see the results, which are as surreally spooky as you’d expect. I just wish he’d use his skills to make a camera case for the iPhone. If it was as gorgeous as this, he’s sell a ton of them.

Source: Flickr

Via: DIYPhotography