Post Tweets And Update Facebook Status With Siri [iOS Tips]


Siri Facebook Twitter

No time to type out a status update on Facebook or send a genius Tweet? Sometimes, inspiration for an amazing update to one of the ubiquitous social networks supported in the latest iOS 6 on Apple’s portable devices happens on the fly. Even while driving! What’s a safe-driving-no-texting individual to do?

Why, have Siri post to Twitter or Facebook, of course!

Simply say, “Post to Facebook,” and Siri will pull up a Facebook post badge, and ask what you want the status update to say. Speak your text clearly and in a normal tone of voice–don’t forget to use punctuation–and Siri will fill the text field in with your missive. She (or he, depending on your location) will then ask if you want to send the update. If you do, say yes, or tap Send. Siri will put the post where it belongs, right on Facebook.

The same goes for Twitter. Say, “Post to Twitter,” and you’ll get a Twitter-flavored text input badge. Speak your tweet, making sure it’s under 140 characters. If you speak two many characters, Siri will call you out on it, letting you know that you can either change it to fit into the character limit, or start a new tweet. You’ll even see the character count in the lower right hand corner of the badge. So helpful!

Now you can Facebook and Tweet with your voice. I’m not sure this is a good thing, but it is most definitely a thing.

Via: MacLife