Tiny Troopers Gets Brain-Munching Zombies, Undead Chickens, In Free Update On Steam


Brainzzzz...cluck, cluck.

Iceberg Interactive and Kukouri Entertainment announced today an update to adorable little war game, Tiny Troopers, in the guise of a zombie apocalypse. The update comes via Steam to the Mac and PC version, bringing endless waves of brain munching zombies and undead chickens. There will be special air-drops of new special zombie-killing weaponry dropped to lay waste to the zombie hordes, and special forces troopers to take the undead down. There’ll even be special zombies, in case the normal ones just aren’t scary enough.

Tiny Troopers puts you in command of a team of itty-bitty soldiers, tasking you to guide them through 30 deadly missions. You’ll find yourself destroying enemy armor, escorting journalists, and eliminating enemy generals, among other things. Your diminutive military folk will level up as they survive each mission, earning their stripes along the way. You’ll need to improve your troopers’ equipment, reinforce them with the aforementioned special forces, as well as call in support during missions. They’ll also die hilariously, if that sort of thing makes you giggle.

“Tiny Troopers has done tremendously well on iOS and Mac, recently being the #1 paid game in Mac App Store in many countries,” said Erik Schreuder, CEO of Iceberg Interactive. “The high resolution PC version now not only includes the much-requested WASD controls, but also from today, it includes additional free zombie DLC.”

Source: Steam