Convenient Cap Turns Sharpie Into Stylus



Why buy a whole new stylus and carry it around with you when you could just buy a little capacitive tip to slip onto the top of your biro/ballpoint pen/pencil? That’s the thinking behind Stylus Caps.

While you will be saving the planet, and saving a few calories of energy by not having to carry around a heavy pen and a heavy stylus together, you won’t be saving any money. A Stylus Cap, in raw or black aluminum, will cost you $25, the same as many good full-sized styluses.

However, in this case you’re buying into the “less is more” philosophy. Or rather, the less-is-mostly-the-same-as-more philosophy. And it also looks like you’re getting your money’s worth, engineering-wise: The caps are milled from a single block of aluminum, and the rubber tips are replaceable, held in place by a screw thread.

In the box you get a Stylus Cap, one firm tip plus — bonus! — a genuine Sharpie to slide it onto.

I’m a big fan of Styluses for the iPad, but when it comes to drawing a beard/mustache/glasses onto the face of a comatose drunken friend, only a Sharpie will do. Thus, I declare the Stylus Cap pack a win foe everyone except my paralytic pal.

Source: More/Real

  • Jdsonice

    This looks like a good idea. I tend to loose my pens and thus styluses on a regular basis. If these guys can produce a disposable stylus and produce it in packs of 25 for a reasonable price it would sell. I would probably end up buying at least 20 boxes :-)

  • Adam Donatelli

    umm … While I like the idea … having kids I can see this going wrong … wrong badly.