Memoto Camera Photographs Your Entire Life, Every 30 Seconds [Kickstarter]



I own a cheap plastic tape measure. I also own (or rather, haven’t yet tossed out) a conference lanyard with a retractable card holder for my laminated ID.

Why am I telling you this? Because both of them look just like the Memoto, a teeny-tiny lifeblogging camera which you wear around your neck or clip on your clothes. Like both of my crapgadgets, the Memoto is small and inconspicuous. Apart from the bright-orange color…

The Memoto is very Apple-esque. It has no buttons: you just wear it, and it snaps a 5MP picture every 30 seconds, saving it to memory (there’s space for two days’ worth, or 4,000 photos). Not coincidentally, the battery also lasts two days, and when you hook it up to your computer it charges and uploads all the pictures to Memoto’s servers (privacy panic!).

An accelerometer checks orientation so your pictures are always the right way up, a GPS logs the location of every photo and if you leave the camera in your pocket or on a table, it stops snapping.

Viewing is done via an app, in our case an iOS app. Photos are arranged on a timeline for — says Memoto — easy browsing. Presumably there will also be map views.

Want one? Of course you do. But it’s not cheap. The full RRP will be $280, although if you pitch on Kickstarter there are still some $250 slots left. You’ll also have to pay Memoto a monthly fee to store your vast stream of images.

Or you could buy a new iPod Touch and do exactly the same with an app, and use the free iCloud Photo Stream to take care of the rest. Just

Source: Memoto

Source: Kickstarter