First Impressions and Hands-On With the iPad Mini



The iPad mini is amazingly thin and light but not at all undersized. That’s the first impressions of reporters at Apple’s press event.

Reporters got their their first look at the iPad mini this morning, and the results are trickling in. Most emphasize how light and thin it is, and the quality of the build. And while it’s smaller than a regular iPad, it’s by no means tiny.

Here’s a sample of reporters’ first impressions:



“You’ll be amazed at how light and easy to hold it is.”

The Verge:

Like most Apple products, the build of the smaller tablet is excellent, easily surpassing the competition on the market. By comparison, the Nexus 7 and Fire HD feel like toys. Other manufacturers are going to have to up their game with this product in town. It’s just a striking difference in materials and solidness.


The Verge:

The display on the mini looks incredibly sharp, and even though the resolution is lower than the 3rd and 4th generation full-size iPad, it doesn’t immediately seem like a 1024 x 768 display.



In terms of performance, there’s a pretty noticeable difference between the A5 in the iPad mini and the A6X in the 4th gen iPad as you’d expect. I do wish that Apple had brought the A6 to the mini, however something has to give in pursuit of the lower price point.


And here are a couple of videos from The Verge.

  • dcdevito

    It’s nice but way overpriced. They should have sold it for $199

  • MacHead84

    Im loving the iPad mini….and no it is not overpriced. If cheap inexpensive products were what you wanted, you wouldnt be an apple fan to start with. Im so impressed with this little guy I cant wait to own it!

  • Mike Singleton

    I love it! I’m looking forward to getting one. But, I think it IS overpriced. There’s not enough price difference between it and the 4th Gen iPad. $249 would have been a better base price.

  • mr_bee

    shoulda been $300. The extra $30 bucks is lame and miserly.

  • MWinNYC

    A5 chip- REALLY! That’s the OLD chip that’s in the now obsolete iPhone 4S. This won’t compete well with the competition in this market (at least for consumers that don’t already have an Apple ecosystem). I’m sure they’ll drop the price like they did with the original iPhone. Or better yet, they’ll introduce the iPad Mini 2 a few months from now with an A6 chip! LOL