iBooks 3.0 Is Out Today, Supports Continuous Scrolling, iCloud Syncing, Twitter/Facebook Integration & New Languages [iPad mini Event]


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If you’ve been worried that Apple is going to forget about iBooks, you worried about nothing: today, Apple is announcing a new version of iBooks.

The first new feature of iBooks 3.0 has continuous scrolling, without pagination.

In addition, books now sync their reading position through iCloud across multiple devices. You can share passages and books across Twitter and Facebook.

iBooks is also getting more language support, namely for Asian languages like Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

The new version of iBooks is out today, and will be downloaded in the App Store.

(This story is developing.Check back for updates.)

  • matrix3D

    Out today? Guess not until later today because there’s still no update. Also, I don’t think the “syncing of positions across multiple devices through iCloud” is a new feature. My position already seems to sync across my iPhone and iPad in the current version of iBooks.

  • limgarcia

    Finally syncing over iCloud. My wife and I share our Apple ID for the store, but this made our reading experience and pain in the butt because iBooks would try to sync with the Appstore account. With iCloud syncing this problem is solved!.