How To Remove Apple’s Stock iOS Apps Without Jailbreaking [Video]


Goodbye, Stocks!
Goodbye, Stocks!

While most of Apple’s stock iOS apps are pretty handy, there are a few that the large majority of us probably never open. I’m talking about apps like Stocks, Voice Memos, and Weather (which always seems to be inaccurate in the U.K.). Unfortunately, the Cupertino company doesn’t allow us to remove these, so the only way to do it was to jailbreak. Until now.

Thanks to a nifty new web app, you can temporarily remove stock iOS icons from your device without jailbreaking. Here’s how.

First, open up mobile Safari, and visit Here you’ll be presented with a list of stock iOS apps, and everything’s here, including Reminders, Contacts, Notes, Calculator, Clock, and even Phone.

Tap on the app you’d like to remove. The website will then attempt to install a package on your device; you need to click ‘OK.’

Of course, the installation will fail and you’ll get an “Unable to Download Application” error, because the app hasn’t been authorized by Apple. However, when this happens, it will leave the app you’ve chosen to hide with an incomplete icon. You can now tap and hold on that icon until it jiggles, when tap to delete it like any third-party iOS app.

But don’t worry — it’s not gone forever. This is a temporary tweak that lasts only until you restart your device. So if you decide you want to use an app you’ve removed, or you remove one accidentally, just just need to restart. Check out the demonstration video below, courtesy of AppAdvice:

I think you’ll agree this is a pretty handy tweak. Not only is it a great way to clean up your home screen and remove unwanted apps, it’s also the perfect prank to play on a good-humored loved one.

Via: AppAdvice

  • mr_bee

    If it only lasts until you restart your device, this is almost the very definition of “useless.”

  • technochick

    If it only lasts until you restart your device, this is almost the very definition of “useless.”

    Quite a number of jailbreak hacks are ultimately of no use other than being pretty.

    What I wonder is what else is this site trying to download behind your back. Will I be sending my apple ID and password to someone the next time I buy an app. Well they receive my web passwords etc. who knows really. Just because it says it couldn’t download doesn’t mean that’s true.

    And is it really deleting the apps. I’m saying no if it comes back with a restart. It’s just hiding them, but the space is still used up. So what’s the point? And say I ‘remove’ newsstand, many magazine apps are coded for it. So if I get one of them is it going to be lost in my invisible icon so I can’t use it. Forcing me to restart and have all of them ‘unhide’ etc.