IoShutterCam: Trigger Your iPhone Camera With Sound, Movement, Time



IoShutterCam is a neat, new take on iPhone camera apps. Instead of focusing (ahem) on adding filters to your images and sending them off to ever more social networking services, the new app instead concentrates on capture.

If you’re interested in time-lapse, triggering your shutter with sound, or many other neat shutter-tripping functions, then the $3 ioShutterCam is for you.

The app is dead simple. You choose the mode and let it snap away, saving pictures to its internal “light table” before you choose which ones to keep.

You can trigger the shutter with sound (you can clap, or you can let the iPhone take pictures of a basketball bouncing off a backboard, and so on); you can use time as a parameter, with either time-lapse or a countdown (or both); and you can use motion (of the iPhone itself, using the accelerometers).

Time lapses are even compiled into HD movies in-app, ready for export.

This app is a sister app to ioShutterSLR, which — with the addition of a cable — lets you use you iPhone to control your SLR in all the same ways. Available now.

Source: iTunes App Store