Apple’s iPad Mini Event Will Be Live Streamed To Your Apple TV [Update: And Your Mac & iOS Device, Too]



When Apple holds a press event to announce its latest gadget, the vast majority of us are frantically refreshing our favorite websites in an effort to keep up with the news as it’s breaking. It’s not often we get to watch the event live.

But sometimes, Apple treats us to a live video feed. And it’s doing that today for the much-anticipated iPad mini event.

Fire up your Apple TV today and you’ll notice a new button right in the center of the screen that says ‘Apple Events.’ Click on this, and you’ll be able to watch today’s event live from the California Theater in San Jose. It starts at 10 a.m. PT.

This is the first time Apple has streamed a press event in two years; the last was for its Back to the Mac event in October 2011. It’s unclear why it chooses to stream some events and not others — we’d much prefer it if the Cupertino company just streamed every one.

In addition to the iPad mini, Apple is expected to announce a number of new Macs today, including a refreshed Mac mini, a redesigned iMac, and a 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro. Some rumors have also suggested it will announce a slightly refreshed 9.7-inch iPad with an improved FaceTime camera, and a Lightning connector.

UPDATE: You can also watch the event on your Mac & iOS device via Apple’s website.

  • brighton1968

    Overjoyed with the Apple TV that I bought two weeks ago, but this news is an added bonus !