Actions: Control Your Mac Apps From Your iPad



Actions turns your iPad into a remote control for your Mac. No, it’s not a VNC app which lets you project your desktop onto your tablet’s screen. Nor is it a media remote (although it can be). Instead, Actions lets you assign, uh, actions to easy-to-tap tiles on the iPad’s screen, and these actions are then performed on the Mac (or PC).

The short version: Actions lets you trigger Mac keyboard shortcuts from your iPad.

Actions is full of nerdgasmic organizational options, but they don’t interfere with the function itself once you’re done with the setup. When configured, you have a bunch of tiles on your screen which trigger keyboard shortcuts. These can be targeted at a specific app, or just left to apply to whichever app is in the foreground at the time.

Thus you can make a button to do anything that can be done with a keyboard shortcut. Command-N will make various new things, depending on the app, or you can refresh pages, check for new mail, send new Tweets.

But the real power comes when you use sets. These can optionally target a specific app, so you could have a set for Lightroom which lets you access various commands and controls by tapping your iPad. This particular case is doubly good on small MacBooks as you can clear all the app chrome and control panels off your main screen.

The possibilities look pretty endless, and I’m looking forward to digging in properly. The app itself is just $1 (One! Dollar!), and the companion app for your Mac or PC (required to pair with the iPad) is free. If you self-identify as a geek, then this app is a compulsory purchase).

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