Collaborate With Others Using Shared Reminders In Mountain Lion And iCloud [OS X Tips]


Shared Reminders

Got a birthday wish list you’d like to share with significant others, making sure they are never wanting for just the right gift to give you for the next celebration? How about a grocery list that you can add to secure in the knowledge that your husband or wife will know to stop and get garlic at the store on the way home from work? Or even a shared task list for your work teammates, guaranteeing that you can hold them responsible for stuff on “the list?”

Sounds pretty handy, right? Well, you can set this up using Reminders on the Mac, an app that comes with OS X Mountain Lion and syncs via iCloud to iPhones, iPads and iPod touches, as well as with Here’s how to set it up.

Launch the Reminders app on your Mac, from the Applications folder or a Dock shortcut. Once it’s up and running, create a new iCloud list by clicking on the Plus button in the lower left of the Reminders window and selecting “iCloud” from the list type pop-up menu. Now, hover your mouse over the new list, and click on the little broadcast icon to the right of the list name.

You’ll get a bubble that allows you to type in an address of a person in your Contacts list, or anyone with an iCloud account. People you share the list with can add, update, and delete reminders as well, making this a great way to manage a list with multiple people. The people you share the list with will be able to access the Reminders on their Macs as well as their iCloud enabled iOS devices.

You can aslo access your shared lists on, and add people to the shared list there, as well, if you’re away from your Mac. You won’t be able to do that on an iOS device, making them more of a passive display device for shared Reminders.

Have fun sharing your lists!

Source: OS X Daily