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Apple Releases OS X Server 2.2 Seed 2 To Developers


Developer Seed 2.2

The new developer seed for OS X Server v2.2, Seed 2, is out. In an email sent to developer accounts, Apple announced the new download, and included a link to the seed download source, a set of instructions on how to instal and/or upgrade from various previous versions of OS X Server, and a PDF with the new changes detailed.

The new addition to the developer seed are the Caching Server, and the Profile Manager is now updated. The former speeds up the download of Mac App Store software by caching the apps locally on OS X Server, allowing users to connect to it instead of directly through the internet. This allows businesses to limit the external bandwidth requirements needed by many users updating Mac app software via the App Store, and saves users time, as internal network speeds tend to be higher than internet speeds. The new service doesn’t require client configuration, and it can be enabled to serve updates from multiple caching servers. The PDF also includes directions to focus testing with the new seed, as below.

Things To Test:
• Simultaneous downloads from multiple clients
• Downloading while the client is moved from one network to another
• Caching servers in different network topologies, such as single vs. multiple subnets
• Running multiple caching servers behind a single NAT
• Compatibility with different network products you may have deployed at your site,
such as filtering proxy servers.

The Profile Manager is also updated, making the “Restrict use to devices in the library” setting functional for the first time. Users in groups nested in specific configuration files are now being displayed properly, as well.

If you’re a developer, head on over to the Apple Dev Center to download this new OS X Server Seed.

Source: Apple Developer