Long Lines Forming For Grand Opening Of Largest Apple Store In Asia [Gallery]


Oppa is Apple Gangnam style.
Oppa is Apple Gangnam style.

We told you earlier this week that Apple is gearing up to open a new retail store in the famous Wangfujing shopping district. Not only will the new store be the largest of the 5 other Apple stores in China, but it will also be the largest Apple Store in all of Asia. 300 local employees will work at the flagship Wangfujing store and serve customers with two 360-degree Genius Bars and plenty of floor space.

Apple’s Wangfujing store opens at 9 A.M local time Saturday, October 20th. Lots of people have already gathered in the freezing Beijing weather for the grand opening.

Chinese site MIC Gadget has posted some pictures of the growing line outside of the famous APM mall. Apple’s new store fills a large corner of the mall and takes up at least 4 stories. The store also features the only spiraling glass staircase of its kind in Asia.

Apple hasn’t added Wangfujing to its official directory of retail stores in China yet, but we expect the location to be added with official press photos in the next couple of days.

The opening of this new store in China is such a big deal to Apple that the company’s new retail chief, John Browett, visited Wangfujing yesterday. He gave a speech to the local press about how important China is to Apple and how this new store will help the company make an even greater impact in its most rapidly growing market.

Apple is continuing to aggressively expand its reach in China. Another retail store in Shenzhen will be the next location to open.

Source: MIC Gadget

  • Zod Buster

    And we wonder why Apple is so arrogant… they have users who are ADDICTED to the brand…
    the line ups mean nothing,, just sheep lining up for a financial slaughter,, again again and again..

  • SupaMac

    Alex, you may want to check the definition of the word “freezing.” The forecast for today in Beijing is High of 72° and low of 45° Fahrenheit.