85% Of New iOS Gamers Quit After One Day



Most people will download almost any iOS game, no matter how silly it looks, as long as it’s free. They just won’t stick around for more than one day. A new study on user engagement in free-to-play social games discovered that 85% of new players in the U.S. never go back to the game after the first day.

The study started in March as Playnomics tracked individuals who downloaded free-to-play games. They found that after the first day of downloading the free game the majority of individuals had quit. By September about 95% of the individuals had become inactive.

The study also found that the Friday and Saturday are the two biggest days of the week for people to actually spend money on games, even though those are also the days where people put in the shortest amount of time playing games on average.


Source: GamesIndustry

  • FriarNurgle

    Some of it is likely ADD, the rest is the quality of the games.

  • Buster

    @friarnurgle I think your right. I don’t think I play any games on my iPhone or iPad that didn’t cost atleast a dollar, and even if i do pay for a game, there are so many to choose from that it’s hard to get really engaged in it because i don’t like sitting and playing with my iOS games for more than 30seconds.

  • chriscrk

    I actually haven’t played any games in ages. I used to all the time, but lately I barely play anymore. Sometimes I even download games and never get around to playing them…

  • seaaalex

    Quality and lack of originality …..