• FriarNurgle

    My kids love their iPod Touches (last gen models). I’m sure they would enjoy the new ones… but I’m going to pass and here is why. The rumored iPad mini will be a much better replacement for my son IMO, plus I’ll likely upgrade my daughter to a iPhone 4S since she has been doing a pretty decent job lately with her first cell phone (a crappy Virgin Mobile Android cheap pos).

    Thanks for the right up though. Glad your boy is pleased with it.

  • Zod Buster

    Thanks for the great review..
    I’m considering one for my grandaughter, but I think I’ll wait and see if the iPad Mini pricing affects things.

  • ericschultheiss

    You call him an ingrate for using his own money to buy what he wants? It’s not like he asked yo to buy it for him. Also, I know a lot of adults from work (so business professionals) that use this device as a Palm Pilot replacement, it’s not just for children.

    Your kid is right about the 3GS though, it’s a piece of shit. It doesn’t even have a Flash on the Camera! Pictures with the 3GS look awful. The minimum iPhone you should ever get is a 4, anything older than that isn’t worth it.

  • Turtle Heart

    Reading_? I have a touch 4th gen. I read frequently, and have read a mountain of books on this thing, has become my main use for it. It is a great reader for epub books and novels. The new Touch is seriously overpriced, in particular with the mini coming out. Also, the pointless reduction in specs between the Touch 5th gen and the iPhone is a further signal of Apple’s inability to truly innovate, as they continue dropping useful features and limiting, dumbing down, this device over the phone. There is a very arrogant punk ethic at work here, with Apple, well symbolised by the content of this article.