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Nearly 70% Of Apple Owners Prefer Black To White



White gadgets became an iconic symbol under the careful craftsmanship of Apple. When Apple released the original iPod 11 years ago in classic Apple white, everybody wanted one, and eventually every gadget manufacturer in the world tried to copy that style.

Over the last few years though, black iDevices have started to gain in popularity over their white brethren. Black is classy, professional, and always down for a good time, whereas white is starting to come off as fun but a bit more feminine. Some people think white is making a comeback, but a new study  suggests that nearly 70% of Apple owners prefer black over white now, and there’s no turning back.

Idealo conducted an Internet study over the first three quarters of 2012, comparing the interest visitors had in different colored iPods, iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads. Idealo examined the amount of clicks each model yielded over time to assess which color is more popular. During the period of their analysis they found that 70% of people click on the black iDevice first rather than the white one.

Each click for a black or white iDevice was counted as a vote by Idealo, which resulted in over a quarter of a million votes so far this year. Black dominated products overall, but white does better in older product categories like the iPod Touch and iPod classic where it receives 46.1% and 40.4% preference.

There are a few places that buck the black trend though. 64% of French and Italian users seemed to prefer the white versions of the iPad and iPods, while countries like Great Britian preferred black iPhones 80% of the time.

The study shouldn’t be considered a precise measurement of overall preference for white or black iDevices, but seems how Apple doesn’t say how many white iPhones they sold against how many black iPhones were purchased, this is the best info we have right now. So if you want to be a unique hipster like in the Samsung commercials, you should totally buy the white iPhone 5, because like, that’s totally not popular anymore.

Source: Idealo