Google’s New Chromebook Looks Just Like The MacBook Air [Image]


notice any resemblance?
notice a resemblance?

Google just announced their newest Chromebook. It runs Google’s Chrome OS. It has an 11.6-inch screen with 1366 x 768 resolution, 6 hours of battery life, a 100 GB flash storage drive and it only costs $249. It’s beautiful. It looks just like the 11-inch MacBook Air. And of course, it’s made by Samsung.


Image: Matt Buchanan

  • rshay

    I had trouble distinguishing one from the other at first glance. :/

  • Dave Hicks

    How about 16GB flash storage and 100GB cloud storage by Google Drive. :p

  • Ponthegan

    I understand that devices, within the categories they compromise, have a tendency to be similar to each other in both form and function just because the basic format for those devices work; I don’t expect anyone to develop a trapezoid looking laptop. That being said (at least from what can be discerned from the pictures above) these two devices look absurdly similar to each other that the resemblance go beyond the basic format of what a laptop tends to look like. You don’t even have to nit-pick at little details to make a obvious comparison, it’s a flagrant imitation of not just the MacBook Air, but Apple’s MacBook line of laptops, and I’m sure Samsung knows it too (I mean, how can’t you).

  • Whodakat

    $250? No wonder Google can’t hit its earnings forecasts. They sell everything at a loss! Except for their customers of course. They make tons of money selling them.

  • kavok

    And Samsung calls this innovation? I bet if you look inside it’s using the Apple A6 chip only they called the S6.

  • CharilaosMulder

    Samsung’s being a dick on purpose. It’s what they do. This is almost as ridiculous as HP’s iMac we saw about a month ago.

  • FriarNurgle

    Love to see a review of someone who tries to use one of these Chromebook as their only computer for a while.
    I’d guess it might be too limited.

  • iSteve

    Samsuck and Doodle really piss me off with all the copying on Apple. Anyway this piece of shit does not meet the class of the MacBook Air.

  • Len Williams

    This slavish copying has moved to insane levels. Samsung/Google seem to be purposely thumbing their collective noses at Apple with yet another ripoff. There are so many ways they could have designed something different to avoid charges of copying. I mean, at least make even a minimal attempt like changing the color or the design of the keys — something! Jon Ive at Apple and his design team sweats details until they die coming up with these cool minimal designs and they must have trouble sleeping at night when they see all their distinctive hard work get purloined by these idiots at Samsung. That Google would knowingly approve Samsung’s MacBook Air copy shows how confident they are that they can get away with it, and how disrespectful they are of copyright law and proprietary design.

    Apple seems to be about the only computer/tech gadget company capable of designing and manufacturing elegant-looking stuff, and because Apple makes it, other companies like Samsung, Acer, HP and so many others want to jump on the bandwagon by simply lifting the designs with no licensing. Then when they’re accused of copying they claim “there’s no other way to design a (laptop, music player, interface, computer, smartphone…)”. Be original. Do the work. Sweat the details and come up with something that amazes us. If it’s better than Apple’s stuff, consumers will have more choices. But by blatantly copying everything Apple has done you make a mockery of progress and innovation. Cheaters do not last long. Criminals eventually find a way to get caught and come to a sticky end.

  • MrsCleaver

    A resemblance, to be sure. Imitative, most certainly. But the small, crappy-looking hinges on either end of the display suggest—among perhaps a thousand things that can’t be seen—that this is another also-ran destined for the technological dustbin.

    Making it look like an Apple, is not the same as making it work like an Apple, not by a long shot.

  • iPoddie

    well the macbook is thinner but i think they should sue because in a way thats copyright and it has same looks too……

  • gaz110386

    So European corts say the iPad wasn’t copied as its too cool, well what is this if it Snr a blatant copy of a MacBook Air.people go on saying apple aren’t innovating their products they’re evolving but this is just straight copying

  • ianbartram

    I saw this on the Chromebook website few weeks back
    Check out the the Chromebox and see if you can spot the difference to the Mac Mini

  • Ruichuen1989

    Samsung designers have easy job, to brainstorm about how to copy Apple without getting sued.

  • Thorlord

    Bezel around the screen only on MBA
    Plastic tab spans the top of the samsung to keep it separated from the keyboard
    Camera on the Samsung is square and has visible microphone holes
    Only two edges are rounded of the samsung (all four are rounded on MBA)
    Hinge of screen is entirely different.
    Monitor of the Samsung is rounded (depthwise), MBA is flat
    The base of the samsung is flat (depthwise), the MBA is rounded
    Bezel around the keyboard is thinner on the samsung
    Size of the keys on the keyboard vary in both width and length.
    MPA is using capital letters, samsung is using lowercase different font and has multi-function printed on each key
    Samsung has a different toned touchpad
    Samsung touchpad is rounded more.

    Silver color
    Black keys

    So pretty much it used the same color for the case and keys, but an entirely different physical design and it’s a ‘Copy’
    Now, I could go into some assumptions, the Samsung is a $250 device so it’s going to be made with cheaper parts. I would assume the case is plastic with a metallic paint rather than a metal casing like the MBA has.

    So essentially: ?_?

  • katakwi

    I bet inside are cheapest components possible. Will it work seamless like macbook air with the bundled software ? How secure is it ? . You cannot make a decent laptop and provide great support for that price. I think Sam/Goog are selling at loss to try to lure the buffet crowd.

  • lambaline

    I though Apple patented that design, or did samscum not use that wedge design?

  • Bruce Schrock

    LOL at the dislike troll on here

  • GizmoDanielle

    Samsung and Google really need to stop copying Apple so closely. They might get some users who want to look like they spent more than they really did, but for the most part people will stick to the solid product, and it is not just based on looks.

  • imwestm

    Don’t be silly, Samsung designed it…

  • Lucasapplegeek

    Samsung still have not learned there lesson yet…