Belkin Wemo Baby Monitor: Even Your Rugrat Can Pronounce Its Name



Be-be, wo-wo, boo-bee. These are the kind of phrases a human being can only get away with uttering in public if still under the age of two. Fortunately, these are also the only words these underdeveloped fools can manage. There’s probably a lesson about ability vs. ambition hidden in there somewhere.

Which is to say that the Belkin Wemo baby monitor is probably the best-named baby monitor ever. Even your dumb infant can ask for it by name.

The Wemo connects to your home Wi-Fi network and therefrom to an app on your iPhone. It lets you listen in on your baby’s mewlings as it tries fitfully to learn how to go to sleep, and if you upgrade (with money) then you can receive calls or text notifications when your miniature human does what it does best: open its stupid trap and start screaming.

The notifications are a good idea, as otherwise you have to leave the channel open on your phone the whole time, which will kind of eat into your Bad Piggies playing time. But why not ditch the iDevice altogether? I have kept an ear on the neighbor’s monster a few times using a plain old radio baby monitor, and it is both simple and reliable. Not to mention cheap. In fact, if the neighbor had suggested I dedicate my iPad to babysitting for a whole damn night, then I would have flat-out refused. Call me a bad human, but at least I get to sleep in every day.

Source: Belkin

Via: Uncrate

  • mr_bee

    All I get from this is that you hate babies (they are “dumb” “stupid” “screamers” and “monsters”).
    What a horrible father you would make.

  • techtuck

    Lighten up mr_bee, it’s clearly all tongue in cheek. “underdeveloped fools” indeed! Love it (and I have 7 month old bundle of joy myself).

  • Jack Gnasty

    You love it? Wow, sorry techtuch, good luck raising your underdeveloped fool into a fully developed fool.

  • techtuck

    Nice, verbal attacks on a stranger’s child, living up to your nick there mr Gnasty. I’m hoping you’re either too young to convince a nice lady to bear you some children (and that you’ll have grown up a bit by the time you finally do), or that you’re infertile, for your kid’s sake…

  • nolavabo

    Why not a radio baby monitor? Apart from the horrid static/snow issues that the radio versions had, these wifi monitors work over 3G as well, extending their usable range to basically anywhere. It’s a GD relief being able to leave the house when your sister/mother/other is able to babysit. It’s even better to be able to check in on baby whenever you feel like it.