Ceramic Subwoofer Will ‘Urn’ Its Place In Your Kitchen



The Jambox and its ilk of wireless high-tech boomboxes are fantastic, for both sound and freedom. But there’s no way my Mum would use one — it simply wouldn’t fit in with the crystal and porcelain knick-knacks (what I call “dust-catchers”) which carpet every horizonta surface like mushrooms on, well, you know.

The Joey Roth Ceramic Subwoofer, though, would probably be allowed.

This gorgeous speaker rig is based on Roth’s Ceramic Speakers of a couple years back, with added bass. As the name and photos make obvious, the whole shebang is crafted from cooked clay, with supporting roles played by Baltic birch, cork and various metals. The new sub sits on top of a 50-watt class D amp, with regular banana-plug outputs and phono inputs.


The price, though, will keep it firmly out of my mother’s kitchen. At $695, this is firmly in the audiophile price realm. Add the satellite speakers and you’re in for $1095. Ouch. Sorry Mum — it’s going to be cigarettes and gin again for Christmas this year.

Via: Apartment Therapy