Checkmark Update Brings Repeat Reminders And Super-Cool Map Integration



Checkmark, the supper-slick location-aware reminders app for the iPhone, has gotten a feature bump in its newest update that almost (almost!) makes it a new app.

And if you don’t already have Checkmark, then shame on you — the $2 app not only makes location-based reminders on your iPhone way easier and way better than the built in reminders, but it also works on your iPad.

Here’s the skinny:

  • Recurring reminders (new feature)
  • Snooze reminders (new feature)
  • “Add from Map” improvements for adding new locations (Satellite/Hybrid views, Drop a pin, etc.)
  • Improved radius control for locations (larger radius options, new slider UI to choose radius)
  • Support for iOS 6 and iPhone 5

Recurring reminders let you ditch other timer apps like Due, for certain things at least (Due does a whole lot more besides reminders). It’s easy to set either regular scheduled or repeating alarms, and you can now snooze an alarm by swiping it to the right. Snoozing comes in one-minute or one-hour flavors, and this stupid limitation is iOS-based. Just like all other alarm apps, you can’t snooze for ten minutes.

The neatest feature though is the fancifying of the maps. You now get satellite and hybrid views so you can better pinpoint landmarks, and you can drop a pin, just like in the Maps app, to pinpoint (ahem) your target location. Moving the pin, and setting the radius for its geofence (from 25 meters to 50 kilometers) are also easy, the latter being done by a slider at the bottom of the screen.

You still get smart reminders like “remind me to pet the cat five minutes after I get home,” or “remind me to call my mistress ten minutes after I leave the house” so you don’t get deluged with reminders as soon as you arrive somewhere.

It’s a great app. I have, though, one feature request: Integration with the built-in reminders app. It’d be great to have Checkmark harvest reminders from the native Reminders app, letting you use Siri, just like you can with Omnifocus.

Source: Snowman Blog

Thanks: Ryan!