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Recall Is The Wish List You’ve Always Wanted On The iPhone [Review]


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I have a problem keeping track of suggestions from friends and loved ones. Someone will recommend me an artist or TV show to check out, and I’ll forget to actually check it out shortly after. Apple’s wish list feature in iTunes is nice on the desktop, but you can’t manage or view it in iOS. I use an app called TodoMovies to track films I want to watch on the iPhone, but I’ve been longing for something more robust.

When I heard about Recall, I was intrigued. “Never forget a great recommendation again.” Ok. Sign me up. After giving it a test run, I was pleasantly surprised.

Developed by the fine folks at Overcommitted, Recall is super straightforward and clean. The app supports musics, movies, TV shows, apps and books. You can add already-released titles and upcoming ones, and the cool thing is that Recall will send you a push notification when an album comes out in iTunes or a movie hits theaters.

The video explains it in a nutshell:

You can share what you’ve added to your lists via email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Like the Music app, you can customize which categories you want in the bottom nav bar. Swiping from left to right reveals a Facebook-like settings menu where you can toggle between new releases and top charts in each category. Overall, Recall is quick, simple and effective.

I like Recall. I plan on using it to replace my iTunes wish list and also keep track of movies, TV shows and books. You can grab Recall now in the App Store for $1.