Proof That Windows 8 Might Drive A Lot Of People To Buy A Mac [Video]



In March Chris Pirillo showed us what happens when you put Windows 8 in the hands of someone who lacks a lot of computer savvy.  Windows 8 utterly defeated his dad. Now that Windows 8 is close to launch, Pirillo hit the streets to see how other people respond to Microsoft’s new operating system, and the results weren’t pretty.

People were mystified by the new interface and said they’d need some training on how to use it, which is never what you want from your computer, you just want it to work.

For what it’s worth, I think Windows 8 is a gorgeous and innovative operating system. I just don’t think most computer users are ready for such a radical departure from the UI’s they’re just now becoming accustomed to. Windows 8 might become a great marketing tool for Apple and push a lot of people to the Mac. What do you think?

Source: YouTube