Proof That Windows 8 Might Drive A Lot Of People To Buy A Mac [Video]



In March Chris Pirillo showed us what happens when you put Windows 8 in the hands of someone who lacks a lot of computer savvy.  Windows 8 utterly defeated his dad. Now that Windows 8 is close to launch, Pirillo hit the streets to see how other people respond to Microsoft’s new operating system, and the results weren’t pretty.

People were mystified by the new interface and said they’d need some training on how to use it, which is never what you want from your computer, you just want it to work.

For what it’s worth, I think Windows 8 is a gorgeous and innovative operating system. I just don’t think most computer users are ready for such a radical departure from the UI’s they’re just now becoming accustomed to. Windows 8 might become a great marketing tool for Apple and push a lot of people to the Mac. What do you think?

Source: YouTube

  • FriarNurgle


  • seaaalex

    To be honest you can get a large percentage of the public to show you that they can barely operate any computer/OS …. I’ve literally fixed other people’s Mac’s while waiting in an Apple store waiting for a “Genius” to address my warranty issues. And most of these problems where things that a 2 second search on Google would have resolved ….

  • Jerome Garot

    This is exactly why I bought my first mac a month ago, i had the W8 preview and instantly knew it would kill me to work with it. I like the switch

  • Charles Hartman

    Microsoft has developed a great mobile OS, then convoluted and complicated it by making it (the UI) standard across the board for all devices and threw in a little confusion with Windows 8 RT. This move seems to be the typical Microsoft approach of Good/Bad/Good/Bad release cycle…

    Apple will never win over the PC power users as the thought of Apple locking everything down so tightly to their ecosphere is completely unappealing but they will possibly pull in the average consumer IF they can get the development community on board.

    Honestly, Linux flavors need to act now to gain substantial market share.

  • vanmacguy

    I’ve worked as an Administrator with Windows since 3.1, all versions (my favourite was Windows 2000), and after I installed a late preview, I had the same issues as these people. I didn’t know what to do from the ‘start’ screen.

    So I googled it and found Pirillo’s video with his dad.

    I’m not saying I’m the smartest guy in the world and yes, I managed (by fluke) to figure it out but if it’s that difficult… Users shouldn’t have to google how to use something that’s so basic as their OS.

  • David Shanahan

    I don’t agree that Win8’s “Modern UI” is either “gorgeous” or “innovative”. It’s ugly and hard to use (even on touch-enabled devices it’s confusing and harder to use than iOS or Android, but it’s even worse on desktops/laptops of course). The number of pundits who have been praising Win8’s innovation and looks to this effect simply shows that most people can’t tell the difference between different and innovative and useful, or between truly attractive and just different.

    Apple frequently get this wrong too, though usually only in certain aspects or features of their software rather than in it’s overall operation — e.g. Stacks (an ongoing useabilty disaster and source of endless user confusion), removing color from the Mac UI, all that damn leather in Calendar and Contacts, the Lion/Mountain Lion Sidebar, and my favourite iOS mess — the Videos app.

  • te3iz

    I’m actually very eager to try out W8. I’ve been using Mac religiously for 5 years now, and I couldn’t imagine switching to anything else, but it certainly helps to keep an open mind to new creations and experiences. Yes, W8 looks plenty challenging and different, but I like different, and if the challenge is rewarding enough, I just might try it. It’s just a computer, for god’s sake!

  • Mark Pelletier

    Exactly my motivation to jump the Windows ship and buy my rMBP! I’m not buying into that new OS.

  • Mark Pelletier

    Exactly my motivation to jump the Windows ship and buy my rMBP! I’m not buying into that new OS.

  • JP Jay

    I work as a device specialist at Verizon and anytime someone going from a basic phone to a smartphone, regardless if its iphone or Android display the exact same reaction as these people did in the video, so this doesn’t really prove anything except for the fact that there are alot of people ignorant on how to operate technology. I may prefer my macbook pro, but Windows 8 didn’t look confusing at all. Don’t understand why everyone was freaking out like it was some kind of new computer language they have to learn.

  • LTMP

    I haven’t really used Windows in the last 15 years, so I’m not at all qualified to comment on it.

    But I can tell you that with every new OSX release I have a few days or weeks of aggravation while I learn and adjust to it.

    Apple’s wisdom was in plotting and making the changes to Mac over the last three releases. If I’d had to jump from Tiger to Mountain Lion, or even Lion, I would have been a bit befuddled.

    Still, if you have to learn a new OS, you might as well make the change to Mac (as well as iOS) and get all of the benefits of the ecosystem and fantastic hardware.

  • Cgs101

    wow… Haven’t used it but Windows 8 looks nice…

  • JoViKe

    They see it and say How do i get out of it!

    I don’t use Windows but I’m pretty sure that Shutdown would not be in the Start menu.