While Screen Sizes Are Getting Bigger Apps Sizes Are Becoming Obese


  • Jonathan Ober

    The bigger thing to keep in mind is the space on your computer. I have had an iphone since day one in 2007 and have had the 2g, 4 and 4s since and over that time have amassed a huge amount of games and apps. I deleted all the locally stored files for every game I ever downloaded and got back a staggering 100gb on my phone. It looked like each time an app had updated there was a new version of that app, even if the increment was a tiny increase or . upgrade. Anyways, if you HDD is suffering from space issues, check your app folder for ios apps…there is space to be had there :)

  • Steve Lawrence

    One of the major reasons for the recent bloat is also that when you download an app you are invariably downloading a universal binary that contains the code and images not just for your device but for all five iOS format / resolution variations: i.e non-retina iPhone, Retina iPhone, 16:9 iPhone, non-retina iPad and retina iPad. It would be much more efficient if Apple would have developers upload separate binaries for each device and then deliver just the version required when downloading from the App Store.