Russian Orthodox Christian Priests Upset Because The Apple Logo Is A Symbol Of Sin



Some radical Orthodox Christians in Russia are starting to have a hard time with Apple’s logo that decorates every iPhone, iPad and MacBook. These Russian Orthodox believe that the half-bitten logo is anti-Christian and represents the act of original sin committed by Adam and Eve in Garden of Eden when they first bit into an apple from the Tree of Knowledge.

To get past Cupertino’s symbol of evil while still using their products, many radical Orthodox, including priests, have swapped the Apple logo out for the much more “holy” image of the cross, a symbol of Jesus Christ.

This religious fervor against the Apple logo comes at a time when Russian parliament is considering a set of laws that will defend citizens’ religious feelings from blasphemy and insult by allowing certain products to be banned if they’re accused of being anti-religious.

No laws have been passed yet, so Apple probably doesn’t have much to worry about in Russia right now. However, there are an estimated 150,000,000 adherents to the Russian Orthodox faith across the globe. If the movement against the Apple logo gains momentum, maybe Apple will have to consider sending everyone in Russia a free religious sticker with their purchase of a Mac or iPhone.

Source: Xbit Labs

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  • Jerry Ballard

    Actually, I agree. Computers represent enhancements to human knowledge, which religious fundamentalists of all stripes hate.

  • MacDrummer

    Actually, there is no reference in the Bible to the fruit being an apple.

  • David Quiroz

    They are just now figuring this out? Apple has used “the bitten” logo for how long? Even though the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil is never mentioned to be an apple in the bible, it still holds modern cultural significance toward that. But it’s not the only symbolism, it’s also a reference to Sir Isaac Newton discovery of gravity, attributed to an apple falling onto his head. And I’ve heard that it’s also a Beatle’s reference as their label was Apple, Corp.

  • bullshitconsult

    Sound like Russian propaganda that Putin would use.

  • RadTech5000

    Don’t pay any attention to the religious fanatics. Lot’s of garbage is coming out of Russia lately it’s very sad, It’s as if they are going through a second dark age right now.

  • matrix3D

    People wonder why more and more people across the globe are becoming agnostic? It’s because of stupid ideas like this.

  • Jdsonice

    Wow it took then what 30 years to figure this one out? What do they want? Money? Sue Apple on the basis of religion – sounds like the Republican party in the US.

  • hanhothi

    People wonder why more and more people across the globe are becoming agnostic? It’s because of stupid ideas like this.

    Unfortunately that is not true in the UK. While we started to become a much more secular nation around the ’70s and ’80s, now religion and fundamentalism is very much on the rise due to the massive influx of immigrants.

  • mr_bee

    They aren’t wrong. It represents a bite out of the fruit from the “tree of knowledge.”

    The problem is that instead of worrying about it, they should realise that the whole concept of “sin” and religion is itself ridiculous, that the story of Adam and Eve is just an old fairy-tale intended to frighten children and keep the wife in line, that the crucifix is itself a morally bankrupt symbol dreamed up over a hundred years after Christ died, and that Jesus himself would not have agreed with either of them (assuming he was a real person at some point).

  • aepxc

    Face, meet Palm.

  • asteng88

    Perhaps Apple should send these “priests” a Bible to read first as there is absolutely no mention in Genesis that the fruit was an apple.

  • Excalibear2

    An apple can mean a lot of things. In the USA is a symbol of education because children used to offer teachers an apple as a gift. It also represents health: “an apple a day…” Another tradition makes the apple a representation of the abundance of the harvest in the fall. New York is the “Big Apple”. Near Cupertino, California where the company started, there are apple orchards. The bite represents a byte of information.
    In the Bible, eating the fruit of knowledge was God’s plan, to introduce free will to mankind, so it’s not really a symbol of evil, but of knowledge between good and evil.

    And finally, some radical orthodox Christians in Russia are morons.

  • Denser

    Where is the proof? Is it the author’s fantasy?

  • gabgab

    No reference to an apple in any bible I have read in English, only “fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil”. Incidentally the original Hebrew meaning of “good and evil” was a use of words to mean “everything” and not literally good and evil. Apple inc. have always said that the apple logo represented Sir Isaac Newton and the search for knowledge (Apples original logo was a depiction of Newton under an apple tree) while some have said that the apple with a bite taken out represented Alan Turing (and Englishman thought to be the father of modern computer science) who committed suicide in 1954 by injecting cyanide into an apple before eating it. So we have a bunch of Russian Orthodox Christians who don’t know their own bible very well complaining about an American tech company’s logo which they have always said paid homage to and English scientist and the pursuit of knowledge. Actually the might have a point here!!

  • Denser

    How many of these believers? 7 – 8? Maybe 20? People for fun redesign the logo of Apple. Come up with funny thing. And because of this they have become sectarian? People using the logo with the profile of Steve Jobs became gay? Some of news stations cover the Apple logo. Where is the problem?

  • Flu Guy

    Agnostic – stands on it’s own without interpretation from the elders.
    Religion – requires the elders and the world’s poor to support it.
    Which one do you trust in?