Russian Orthodox Christian Priests Upset Because The Apple Logo Is A Symbol Of Sin



Some radical Orthodox Christians in Russia are starting to have a hard time with Apple’s logo that decorates every iPhone, iPad and MacBook. These Russian Orthodox believe that the half-bitten logo is anti-Christian and represents the act of original sin committed by Adam and Eve in Garden of Eden when they first bit into an apple from the Tree of Knowledge.

To get past Cupertino’s symbol of evil while still using their products, many radical Orthodox, including priests, have swapped the Apple logo out for the much more “holy” image of the cross, a symbol of Jesus Christ.

This religious fervor against the Apple logo comes at a time when Russian parliament is considering a set of laws that will defend citizens’ religious feelings from blasphemy and insult by allowing certain products to be banned if they’re accused of being anti-religious.

No laws have been passed yet, so Apple probably doesn’t have much to worry about in Russia right now. However, there are an estimated 150,000,000 adherents to the Russian Orthodox faith across the globe. If the movement against the Apple logo gains momentum, maybe Apple will have to consider sending everyone in Russia a free religious sticker with their purchase of a Mac or iPhone.

Source: Xbit Labs

Via: Funky Space Monkey