Apple Is “Absolutely Aware” Fullscreen Mac Apps On Multiple Monitors Leave Much To Be Desired


muliple monitors email

We just got tipped an email from a reader who emailed Apple VP of Mac Software Engineering Craig Federighi. Cult of Mac reader Stephen Gilbert emailed Federighi about not being able to use fullscreen Mac apps on multiple displays. When you make an app enter fullscreen mode in Lion or Mountain Lion, it will fill one display and blackout your secondary monitor.

For some reason Apple doesn’t allow you to use an app in fullscreen mode while viewing content on another display, and it’s annoying. For instance, entering fullscreen mode for an iTunes movie will make it impossible to use your second display while the video is playing. Not exactly an optimal experience for those who fancy lots of screen real estate.

Federighi noted in his response that he can’t comment on future plans, but Apple is aware of the issue. Hopefully we’ll see the fullscreen experience in OS X improve soon.

Apple executives are known to occasionally respond to customer emails. Apple VP Phil Schiller responded to an email about the iPod touch’s ambient light sensor earlier today.

Thanks: Stephen