iTwin SecureBox Combines Hardware Encryption With Dropbox



iTwin SecureBox is a movie-thriller plot waiting to happen. It is also a security device modeled on those tacky his-n-hers heart-shaped pendants which snap in two so you can “show your love” at all times.

Back in the mundane real world, the iTwin SecureBox is a hardware encryption gadget for DropBox.

The USB dongle consists of two parts. You join them together, plug on end into your Mac’s waiting USB port and install the software (conveniently stored on the USB stick). Next, you introduce it to DropBox Once done, you can separate the two halves and keep one in a safe place.

Now, you plug in the iTwin and drag sensitive files to it as if it were a regular thumb drive. It encrypts these files and sends them off to DropBox for storage, obfuscating the names along the way. To get the files back, just do the reverse.

Could you do the exact same thing by encrypting the files yourself and then dragging them to your Dropbox folder? Of course. But would you then have to give iTwin $99? No. And would you have the makings of a badly thought-out movie plot in your hands? Of course not.

Still, it is pretty convenient (apart from having to install the software on every computer you ever use it with, that is), and comes in a lovely green color. Available now.

Source: iTwin