Prismatic iPhone Lens Lends Photos A Perpendicular Perspective


Perverts rejoice! Now there’s an iPhone accessory which will let you shoot pictures of pretty girls in public without anyone ever knowing. And it’s even better than a specially adapted camera, because you can just pretend to be like checking your messages or whatever.

It’s called the HiLo lens, and it puts the “can” and “did” into “candid.”

The HiLo comes from Mark Hampton, developer of the OlloCorrect app for the OlloClip lens, and it works with any iDevice, not just the iPhone. The HiLo is a right-angle lens, a small cylinder with a prism and optics inside to reflect the scene ahead and let you shoot things normally 90˚ from the lens axis.

Thus you can snap shots from down low, and up high, as well as those perv-cam shots we mentioned earlier. The lens attaches not by magnets by by a reusable adhesive surface, like those used in some iPad and Kindle cases to keep the tablet inside. This is better than a magnet as you a) need no ring permanently attached to the iPhone and b) it doesn’t move if you accidentally whack it while in use.

The minimum Kickstarter pitch to get a HiLo is $60, which is cheaper than paying for upskirt “art” [you know “adults” sites are free, right? -Ed] for a year, and it looks to be popular already, hitting 10% of the $27,500 goal in just one day after launch.

I wonder why?

Source: Kickstarter

Thanks: Mark!