An iTV iPad App Would Be The Ultimate Living Room Experience [Gallery]


iTV iPad app

Last week I argued that Apple’s ingredients for an ‘iTV’ experience could be simpler than you think. Quoting Barclays analyst Ben Reitzes, I suggested that the iPad could be the remote control hub for Apple’s desired TV interface. Imagine swiping through your favorite channel icons on the iPad and having them play live on your living room flatscreen. A TV guide menu designed by Jony Ive would be a dream come true. There’s so much untapped potential.

Cult of Mac reader and user interface designer Adrian Maciburko sent me some great concept designs of how iTV could work with the iPad. Check them out and let everyone know what you think!

“I explored the possibility of changing the well established TV guide paradigm that moves all the channels at the same time as you swipe to the left,” said Maciburko. “I think there is a benefit to moving to a distributed time scale as this results in easier scanability due to all the shows having the same bar length. For example a movie’s bar needing to be stretched to show its 3 hour length takes up a large amount of space and causes the whole TV guide to become misaligned and disjointed as you get an array of large and small shows scattered around the screen, this can now be avoided.”

Make sure to check out all of Maciburko’s work in high definition on his website.

Source: Adrian Maciburko

  • matthewbissell

    If the Ipad mini has a infra red recciver in it. Then it would work with all my devices, then I would use it

  • Squiddy

    Err… has already been done. Plex anyone?

  • Chris Shone


  • Chris Shone

    sorry about that last comment, my sign in failed
    i doubt it would be called itv, whats wrong with apple tv?
    for one the itv brand already exists in the uk and believe me that legacy is something apple wouldn’t want to adopt, their channels are the most mind numbing, coma inducing crap fests you could ever wish to see, plus i cant imagine they would ever sell the name.
    that aside an apple tv would be awesome, it would be a solid base for home automation and i cant imagine it would be nothing short of kick ass. however the simplest remote would be your voice (siri?) ” hey heres your tv…… remote, yeah you need to buy an ipad” remote controls are so archaic, i remember them wired, ultasonic the lot, all a pain, philips did some really nice touch screen ones 10 years plus ago they were great then but a bit old hat now, good voice control is the key perhaps with some gesture control, im not going for a ” blah blah microsoft” rant here but thats the future not a $400 remote
    it just needs perfecting and apple will be the ones to do that……. if they can be bothered :)

  • Shaun Green

    I can see how this would work for Apple. Instead of a TV you buy a large cinema display monitor and link it to your iPad which acts as the controller, remote, etc. That way you have to buy or own 2 Apple products rather than just one and if they can bring the price of those displays down substantially to make them more competitive it could provide a compelling alternative to the traditional TV. Have a 42″ Cinema Display in your living room, then a 26″ Cinema Display in your bedroom and a 20″ Cinema Display in your kitchen, etc, all controlled by an iPad. Linked to your home network you could search, select and stream content via iCloud. I’m not sure where the TV tuner would sit – on the Display or on the iPad? You still have to be able to access Free-To-Air channels as those are the ones most people watch which means hooking it up to your TV aerial. Maybe the TV aerial plugs into a central AppleTV hub which then links to your devices wirelessly.

  • Lane Jasper

    If the Ipad mini has a infra red recciver in it. Then it would work with all my devices, then I would use it

    remember you can buy the infrared remotes for them (I think, I have one for iPhone 4S) Not sure it it’d work in an iPad. I don’t have one, but I believe it said iPad/iPhone as requirement.

  • AuricBelly

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  • andybno2

    iTV wouldn’t be a good brand name, they would have to rename it in the UK as we have a television company called ITV but I do like the concept of the thread