An iTV iPad App Would Be The Ultimate Living Room Experience [Gallery]


iTV iPad app

Last week I argued that Apple’s ingredients for an ‘iTV’ experience could be simpler than you think. Quoting Barclays analyst Ben Reitzes, I suggested that the iPad could be the remote control hub for Apple’s desired TV interface. Imagine swiping through your favorite channel icons on the iPad and having them play live on your living room flatscreen. A TV guide menu designed by Jony Ive would be a dream come true. There’s so much untapped potential.

Cult of Mac reader and user interface designer Adrian Maciburko sent me some great concept designs of how iTV could work with the iPad. Check them out and let everyone know what you think!

“I explored the possibility of changing the well established TV guide paradigm that moves all the channels at the same time as you swipe to the left,” said Maciburko. “I think there is a benefit to moving to a distributed time scale as this results in easier scanability due to all the shows having the same bar length. For example a movie’s bar needing to be stretched to show its 3 hour length takes up a large amount of space and causes the whole TV guide to become misaligned and disjointed as you get an array of large and small shows scattered around the screen, this can now be avoided.”

Make sure to check out all of Maciburko’s work in high definition on his website.

Source: Adrian Maciburko